Shrek the Third

Shrek storms the castle in Shrek the Third on Wii, only to discover a vending machine that dispenses barrels of whatever the G-rated equivalent of grog is. Here’s the same scene from the PlayStation Portable release…


A vending machine inside a convenience store — like this one from Repentant, a point-and-click adventure about a career criminal in search of redemption — is perfect for those of us who enjoy cold drinks but shun human interaction. Thanks for the screenshot, Pablo!

GoldenEye: Source

I’ve seen a lot of video game soda machines in my day, but I can’t help but admire the meta corniness of these Dr. No machines from GoldenEye: Source, a multiplayer remake of the N64 classic using Valve’s Source engine.

Dementium II

Shanking your way through an asylum works up a powerful thirst. Thankfully, this soda machine is present in both the original Nintendo DS release of Dementium II as well as the later remastered version for PC. Thanks for the tip, Adrian!

My Hospital: Build and Manage

Welcome to My Hospital: Build and Manage, where doctors can cure pretty much anything with mysterious blue, yellow, and green elixirs concocted in an on-site laboratory. Don’t let Big Pharm fool you, though; an ice-cold soda remains the time-tested cure for what ails you. Thanks for sending this one in, George!