One man’s vending machine trash is another man’s treasure in Scrappers, a robo-garbage pick ’em up from Q-Games. I spotted this game (and its attendant soda machines) in the latest issue of Game Informer, so that GameStop PowerUp Rewards membership is already paying off!

Tokyo Snap

Tokyo Snap is an upcoming photography game inspired by Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo 64. I just wish this NPC would get out of the way so I can get a better look at those soda machines.

Echo Tokyo: Phoenix

There’s a pair of soda machines lining this alleyway from Echo Tokyo: Phoenix, an upcoming cyberpunk visual novel where players assume of the role of the newest pilot in the city’s Mana Defense Force.

Echo Tokyo also features the same alleyway and soda machines with the Cyberpunk Pink dialed back in favor of Cyberpunk Blue.

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian is a puzzle platformer based around manipulating and traversing public signage. Trust me — it all makes sense once you see it in action. Anyway,  the developers were kind enough to send me this screenshot of the game’s Wilford Brimley-themed soda machine.

Game Builder

Build your own video game soda machine video games with the built-in video game soda machine asset from Game Builder, a video game platform for building video games (with soda machines).

Thanks for the screenshot, Cornelius!