I’m not sure I want to try a drink called Sexy Licks. You can tell the developers were particularly proud of this one, because the texture file for the soda machine is named hehe.jpg.

Thanks to both Albert and Darren for tracking this one down for me!

Triad Wars

Triad Wars, an online open world sequel to Sleeping Dogs, was canceled by Square Enix in 2015, but at least one screenshot of its colorful Dragon Kick soda machines survives!

I Can Do It – Vending Machine

I Can Do It – Vending Machine is an “educational” game for Android that promises players “the experience of buying drinks from a vending machine.” In this case, the drinks include favorites like Koala-Cola and Panda fruit soda.

More details from the game’s description: “Put in the money… press the button… ta-da! I bought my own drink! No matter how many you buy, your mom and dad won’t get mad. Buy as many drinks as you want in this simulation.”