Stickman Tuber Tycoon

Want to be a successful YouTuber like lonelygirl15, Tay Zonday, or those girls who lip-synced to “Hey” by the Pixies that one time? Just lock yourself in an isolated shack with a PC, a webcam, and a vending machine stocked with snacks and sodas, and you’re off to the races!

Party Hard 2

Everyone’s favorite ultra-violent party-crashing sim Party Hard is back with a sequel that, inexplicably, isn’t named Party Harder. At least the developers remembered to throw in a drink machine!

Fast Beat Loop Racer GT


Whenever I’m in an arcade, I wrestle with the possibility that I might see a soda machine in one of the games and have no way of taking a screenshot. Luckily, Fast Beat Loop Racer GT recently made the leap from arcades to Steam — soda machines and all.

Thanks for the screenshots, Cornelius.

Northbury Grove

Bump Cola and Swimmers Choice — a pair of disturbing soda machines from a disturbing survival horror game called Northbury Grove. Here’s another look with the game’s VHS mode disabled.

Thanks for the heads-up on these, Cornelius!

LEGO DC Super-Villains

If you had to guess, what kinds of soda do you think Clayface and Black Adam prefer? I feel like Clayface is way into root beer (obviously), whereas Black Adam just goes with whatever limited edition Mountain Dew variant is on the shelves at the moment.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re out of spare change. Just smash these soda machines and steal whatever you want! Being bad feels pretty good.

Super-heroic thanks to Cornelius for tracking these down on launch day!


Sir, could you finish crafting your pointy stick/shoehorn killing device elsewhere? I’d like to purchase a drink.

This screenshot is from SCUM, a hardcore survival sim that incorporates pooping as a game mechanic. Needless to say, this is a major leap forward for the genre. [Source]

Webkinz World

It’s a trio of soda machines from Webkinz World, a virtual world tied to the Webkinz line of plush toys. Kids can log on with a secret code included with their plush toys, play games, earn KinzCash, and unlock rare items like these vending machines.