Fallout Shelter

We’ve covered Fallout Shelter before at the Video Game Soda Machine Project, but it turns out the game’s Nuka-Cola machines come in a few additional styles.

Fallout Shelter also adorns its Nuka-Cola machines with festive hats for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

DC Universe Online

Upgrade your villainous lair in DC Universe Online with the Soder vendor, which dispenses (among other things) Soder Cola! Even better, the Soder vendor is themed for different lair styles. The model pictured above is the “Ancient” Soder vendor. More styles follow below.

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Neon Chrome

Twin-stick top-down shooter Neon Chrome features Soma Cola and Ocean Breeze vending machines. There’s also an AgriHappy machine, but I assume it sells snacks. Or farm-themed sodas. Thanks, Chris!