Get amped up on sugar and caffeine before you enter the confines of the steel cage in GetAmped2, a massively multiplayer fighting game. (Yes, my avatar has a lightsaber.)


Whimsical puzzler Pikuniku not only features this nifty soda machine, but also the opportunity to “uncover a deep state conspiracy and start a fun little revolution.” Sounds like fun. Thanks, Matt! [Source]


Melee promises nonstop battle royale action where “the boundaries between human being and machine have become increasingly blurred.” If they’re talking about the boundaries between human beings and soda machines, I’m totally there for it. Thanks for the submission, Cornelius!


The university game room in YAGS, a visual novel/dating sim, has it all: DDR, foosball, a Sonic the Hedgehog pinball table, and even a pair of soda machines! Thanks for the screenshot, Kaiju!


Mudflat, a “stack and weld discarded junk to hold back the incoming tide” survival sim, offers exactly the kind of post-apocalyptic soda machine lore I crave from a video game. Thanks for the screenshots, Cornelius!