City of Heroes

The Cola Crusader, Paragon City’s latest and greatest superhero, chills out in front of some vending machines in City of Heroes! I captured this screenshot using Paragon Chat, a chat client that allows players to create characters and explore the City of Heroes game world.

The Matrix Online

Guess what I found in The Matrix Online! This is another entry that wouldn’t have been possible without fans dedicating their time to preserve a game that shut down almost a decade ago. In this case, I used The Matrix Online Server Emulator, which allowed me to freely explore the game world and (eventually) find a soda machine in a random pawn shop. Click below to see my character, the enigmatic SodaPop, celebrating her discovery.

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The Sims

Not long after The Sims launched, Maxis partnered with Pepsi to deliver this soda machine as free DLC. This entry wouldn’t have been possible without fan-driven efforts to preserve the Pepsi machine DLC and patch the game’s launcher for Windows 10. Thanks, everyone!

Bionic Commando

I’m not sure I have the timeline correct, but the 2009 version of Bionic Commando seems to have launched with Pepsi product placement, which later switched to a generic soda machine.

Perhaps a contract expired?