The vending machines in top-down battle royale shooter dispense soda and, occasionally, ammunition. Soda boosts the player’s adrenaline by 25%; ammo makes the guns able to shoot stuff.

Vending Machine Timeless Fun : AR Core

Vending Machine Timeless Fun : AR Core allows you take an interactive vending machine with you anywhere you go, whether it’s a trip to the bowling alley, a visit to an actual soda machine, or just hanging out your own backyard!


Why does this app exist? Let’s take a look at the official product description…

AR is getting more popular by the day, try it out now! 
Vending Machine Timeless Fun: AR Core has given you the opportunity to try out real AR! AR means Augmented Reality and basically gives you a fusion or mixture between the “real”world and the 3D simulated world.

That’s nice, but what can i do with this, you say?
Have you ever walked by a Vending Machine in thought: “Man, i really want that soda right about now” and hadn’t had enough cash on you to buy that can of soda. Now you can just turn on your smartphone and put up Vending Machine Timeless Fun: AR Core to buy this can of soda in the same environment that the real life Vending Machine is in! 

Game Features Vending Machine Timeless Fun : AR Core 
Real Augmented Reality experience combined with Vending Machine gameplay!
Unlock multiple vending machines to really shake things up!
Look to the left with your phone as it changes the way you see Vending Machines!
AR is here! Let us know what you think of these kind of mobile games!

I think that clears everything up. Thanks to Kevin, Jamison, Matt, Mappy, and bones for grabbing screenshots!

Double Dragon II

It always seemed like there must be a soda machine lurking somewhere in the Double Dragon series, and I finally found these in Double Dragon II for the Game Boy!

Of course, it’s worth noting that the Game Boy release of Double Dragon II was actually a re-skin (soda machines and all) of Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Bangai Rantōhen, an entry in the Kunio/Nekketsu High series.

Yet again, soda machines provide a unique window into video game history.

Gore: Ultimate Soldier

I love everything about this promotional blurb for Gore: Ultimate Solider, a 2002 FPS for Windows: “Anarchy reigns on Earth and you must train in the MEAT MACHINE to prove yourself.” Of course, with all that MEAT MACHINE training, you’ll need to stay properly hydrated.

Skull Cracker

Korpse-a-Cola gives Penelope “Bonebreaker” Jones the energy boost she needs to battle the zombie hordes in Skull Cracker, a 1996 brawler for Macintosh and Windows. Let’s take a closer look…

What’s not to love about a soda named Sewage? Thanks for the screenshots, Duncan!

Dreamfall Chapters

Whether it’s The Longest Journey series or The Secret World, Bingo! soda is a fixture in designer Ragnar Tørnquist’s games. So, it’s not surprising to see a Bingo! machine pop up in Dreamfall Chapters. The texture is a bit wonky for some reason, but the billboard pictured below offers a clearer view of the soda’s mascot, the Bingo Dingo.

While the vending machines in the next screenshot don’t boast an anthropomorphic canine mascot, they nevertheless offer a variety of snacks and drinks, including “carbonated tequila shots.” How refreshing!

Thanks, Syndarr!

Radical Heights

With the classic taste of Fiz, you’re sure to be the last man standing in battle royale shooter Radical Heights. Let’s take a closer look at the selection (while trying to ignore the fact that one soda machine is inexplicably clipping through the other).

Thanks for the screenshots, Richard and Cornelius!


Thanks to Fortnite’s latest update, health-replenishing Chug Jugs are finally available the way God intended: from vending machines. Here’s the same machine from a slightly less ridiculous camera angle.

And we can’t forget Slurp Juice, pictured below in a screenshot from Fortnite for iOS.

New York’s hottest club is This place has everything: potted plants, randomly spawned wooden crates, soda and snack machines, burlesque dancers, and that thing where you replace a cat’s scratching post with a stainless steel pole.

Thanks for the submission, Pablo!