Let It Die

Eight frames is all the time in the world. For instance, it only took me one frame to grab this soda machine screenshot from Let It Die on the PlayStation 4. Thanks for the tip, Cornelius!

Avatar High

Avatar High was a browser-based high school sim hosted by TeenNick a few years back. I saw KristenHasClaws mention the game on my Twitter timeline this morning, decided to do a little digging, and hey — it turns out there’s a soda machine!


Why is a vintage soda machine propped up behind an abandoned school bus in the middle of the desert in hidden-object junk-’em-up Pickers? Also, where can I collect my $1,220? Thanks for the submission, Cornelius!


I agree with Rui from Lux-Pain on the Nintendo DS; any cafeteria with multiple vending machines is pretty cool in my book. There’s also a soda machine stationed outside the Wonder DVD emporium.

A soda machine also appears in this concept art from the game.

Gal*Gun 2

“Help swarms of girls escape their demon possessions by using your Pheromone Shot gadget for euphoric exorcisms” in Gal*Gun 2 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. I don’t know about all that; I’m just here for the Zepsi machine. [Source]

Donkey Kong 64

What’s that behind Candy Kong? Why, it’s a soda machine! This screenshot is from Nintendo’s 1999 “Hot Newz” promotional VHS featuring prerelease gameplay footage from Donkey Kong 64. While the soda machine is replaced by a row of musical instruments in the final release, The Cutting Room Floor has salvaged the prototype’s Koko Konga texture.

Welcome to The Video Game Soda Machine Project, Donkey Kong!

Splatoon 2

This vending machine from Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion dispenses drink tickets that players can exchange for a soda. That’s only one step removed from a soda machine, which is close enough for me!

Thanks to djow and @EvGarde for the tip and screenshot, respectively.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 beta is live, and the soda machines are already pouring in. Let’s take a closer look at the beverage offerings from these machines…

It looks like we have cherry cola, orange juice, water, and some pastel cans that I’m going to assume are The Crew-niverse’s version of LaCroix.

This next soda machine appears in the same spot it did in the first game — albeit with a weirdly glitched texture this time around. Bonus points for the Red Bull dune buggy!

These last two soda machines lack some of the detail seen in the screenshots above, but I can always appreciate bold minimalism.

Thanks to Jackalope and Cornelius for submitting these screenshots!

Vending Rage

Vending Rage is yet another entry in the niche genre of “games about punching vending machines.” At least the protagonist is focused on the snack machine and not the soda machine off to the right. Thanks for the submission, Cornelius!


From what I can gather, the text on this soda machine from Manhunter, a FPS starring a former SAS agent turned mercenary, reads “Golden Drink: Faithful to Traditions.”