Fallout 3

Sierra Petrovita, curator of the Nuka-Cola Museum in Girdershade, is the patron saint of the Video Game Soda Machine Project, and this pristine Nuka-Cola machine is her pride and joy. Here’s a better look at the rest of the museum.

Finally, click through to view concept art of the Nuka-Cola machine from Fallout 3 by Adam Adamowicz. 


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  1. The Nuka-Cola Corporation entered the beverage market in 2044, with the invention of the soft drink by John-Caleb Bradberton after two years of experimentation. Though strictly unhealthy (containing 120% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar), it took the United States market by storm and within a year it could be purchased nationwide. Its popularity rapidly increased and within several years it was the most popular beverage across the globe.

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