Geist for GameCube — finally, a game that lets me turn into a ghost and possess a soda machine!

This whole sequence is a great example of Geist’s puzzle-solving gameplay. The protagonist possesses the soda machine, rattles it to shoot out some soda cans, dispossesses the machine, possesses one of the cans, rolls it across the room, and pops it open to freak out a scientist. Take a look…

Revolution X

Revolution X, a 1994 rail shooter starring Aerosmith, makes what I can only assume is a vague attempt at satirizing consumer culture with this Choke Cola machine. According to lead guitarist Joe Perry’s pixelated in-game counterpart, the New Order Nation is sneaking dangerous chemicals into our food and drink as part of some ill-defined scheme to take over the world. Only you—and the band responsible for “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”—can stop them!

This screenshot is from the game’s PlayStation 1 release.

Habbo Hotel

In 2003, online hangout Habbo Hotel introduced this soda machine (and related tchotchkes) as part of a cross-promotion campaign with Mountain Dew. When the campaign ended, the Mountain Dew vending machine was replaced with this unbranded model.

Thanks, @geoffmeador!