PlayStation Home

This vending machine appeared in Red Bull’s House of Skate area for the PlayStation Home platform. Input the correct button sequence, and win in-game Red Bull swag!

PlayStation Home’s Namco Arcade Center was also outfitted with an interactive soda machine — situated in a prime spot right next to Pac-Man, no less!


Dolucky no Kusayakiu

Honestly, Dolucky no Kusayakiu for the Super Famicon feels like less a baseball game with Coca-Cola product placement than a Coca-Cola advertisement with a baseball game tacked on as an afterthought. Regardless, there’s a Coke machine featured in this scene.

Dungeon Fighter Online

This ornate Coca-Cola machine is a bit of a mystery. The sprite was ripped from Dungeon Fighter Online, but it’s unclear whether it’s an unused asset, a region-specific object, or part of a forgotten limited-time event. Can anyone shed some light on its origins?

UPDATE: Reddit user m0mentum_ confirms this soda machine originally appeared during a 2009 event in the Korean version of the game. Thanks for solving the mystery!

The Sims

Not long after The Sims launched, Maxis partnered with Pepsi to deliver this soda machine as free DLC. This entry wouldn’t have been possible without fan-driven efforts to preserve the Pepsi machine DLC and patch the game’s launcher for Windows 10. Thanks, everyone!

Bionic Commando

I’m not sure I have the timeline correct, but the 2009 version of Bionic Commando seems to have launched with Pepsi product placement, which later switched to a generic soda machine.

Perhaps a contract expired?

Catch a Coke

Not only did Bandai release Catch a Coke as an LCD handheld game, but they also outfitted actual Coke vending machines with a version of the game. The idea was to play a quick round (10-30 seconds) while waiting for the machine to dispense a drink. [Source]

Speaking of video games mounted into soda machines, here’s a more recent Coca-Cola unit outfitted with a touchscreen pinball game.

The only question is whether this is a video game soda machine or a soda machine video game. Thanks for the tip, Shawn! [Source]