Run Like Hell

Even in the distant future of Run Like Hell, humans require guarana to perform at maximum efficiency. Lucky for us, Bawls is here to help.

In fact, the developers were so stoked about this Bawls machine (or so contractually obligated to feature it) that it showed up in this promotional screenshot for Run Like Hell.

Thanks to Frank Cifaldi of The Video Game History Foundation for tracking down the PR shot!

Half-Life 2 (Beta)

This placeholder model from the Half-Life 2 Beta is perfect, because nothing says “dystopian future” like Pepsi winning the Cola Wars.

While we’re at it, this wood grain soda machine model also appeared in pre-release versions of Half-Life 2. [Source]





MyCoke (also known as Coke Music and Coke Studios) was a Habbo Hotel-inspired online game that ran from 2002–2007. It featured a few different soda machine styles.

PlayStation Home


These Idolmaster vending machine from PlayStation Home’s Namco Arcade Center dispense souvenir soda cans. Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little more extreme, the Toxade vending machine pictured below appears in the Sodium mini-game hub.

Finally, we have some Grade-A product placement in the form of a Coca-Cola vending machine.