1. I was part of the QA team for this game, and have a vending-machine specific anecdote to share about it.

    The dev studio on this one was awful. They had no concept at all of the idea of “copyright” or “trademark.” The game was FILLED with brand names that we had no rights to put in our game. The worst was the soda machines which, originally, were straight up Coca-Cola machines. We told them they had to take it out, and they PUSHED BACK ON IT! Like, there was an argument they could make, to us (the publishers) that would make Coke’s lawyers back off a lawsuit. They kept trying to half edge it. At one point, they cut the “Coca-Cola” texture in half, so the machine just said “Cola.” But it was still in that super-distinctive, swoopy red and white font that immediately says, “This is Coke.” Lawsuit danger: Not remotely averted.

    I think we signed up Vitamin Water and Crunk just so they’d shut up about the damned vending machines and put something on them that wouldn’t get us sued.

    1. Thanks for this comment! We seldom get a chance to go “behind the vending machine.”

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