Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure

Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure

Allow me to drop some automotive science on you. Cars drink motor oil. Ergo, this motor oil vending machine from Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure is the Cars universe equivalent of a soda machine.

Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure

I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t that make the hubcap vending machine in the above screenshot some kind of weird automotive shoe dispenser? Wrong. In the Cars universe, cars eat hubcaps. We just never see it on screen. Therefore, this is technically a snack machine. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Cruise down Route 66 into Radiator Springs, hang a left at Flo’s V8 Cafe, and treat yourself to a Boost or a new set of rims from these vending machines in Cars: Fast as Lightning, a racing/city management sim for iOS and Android.

Here’s a peek at the original concept art by Darya Makarava…


Cars 2: The Video Game

These Nitroade vending machines from Cars 2: The Video Game raise so many questions. For instance, when a car “drinks” a “hi-energy” sports beverage, is it consumed via the car’s front bumper mouth, or is it poured directly into the gas tank? Also, why are the vending machines so tall?

Thanks to lil_bewp on Reddit for going above and beyond to grab this screenshot!