Habitat II

Habitat 2

After Lucasfilm Games released its breakthrough MMO Habitat in 1986, Fujitsu licensed the technology to create its own Fujitsu Habitat for the Japanese market in 1990. Fujitsu would later purchase the Habitat IP outright and use the underlying technology to launch the WorldsAway virtual world on CompuServe in 1995.  Fujitsu went on to localize WorldsAway for the Japanese market, releasing it for Windows, Macintosh, and the Sega Saturn as Habitat II in 1996.

With all of that history out of the way, the screenshot above features a beverage-dispensing vendroid unit, which provided players with soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and other drinks they could use to customize their avatars.

Thanks to RenoProjectIV on Twitter for filling in some of these historical details! You can learn much, much more about Habitat and its follow-ups at the official RenoProject archive.


It’s a row of Vendroid vending machines from Habitat, LucasArts’ groundbreaking 1986 graphical MMORPG. Thanks to Robert for capturing this screenshot in NeoHabitat, an open-source revival of the original game for modern systems!