WWF Royal Rumble

As far as wrestling games go, WWF Royal Rumble for the Dreamcast is a weird one. Occasionally, in the middle of a match, the lights will go out in the ring, and the wrestlers will reappear in a random backstage area. If you’re lucky, you’ll rematerialize in front of this soda machine.

Thanks for the tip, RomanOnARiver!

WWE 2K18/WWE 2K19

Suplex your thirst with this backstage soda machine in WWE 2K18! Unfortunately, it’s suffered a little battle damage in the screenshot below.

Thanks to Some-Crappy-Edits on Reddit for the screenshots!

UPDATE: WWE 2K19 recycles the same backstage areas — along with a familiar smashed-up soda machine.

Thanks for the screenshot, SixPointTwentyFive!

WWE ’13

Mankind gets up close and personal with a cold drinks machine during an backstage brawl with The Rock in WWE ’13! As an added bonus, here are a couple of WWE mineral water vending machines that also appears in the game.