Rainbow Six Siege

Grab a soda from this vending machine, escape the hospital nursery, and proceed to the helipad in Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks for helping me track this one down, Hakunamarups! [Source]

This next soda machine appeared during Siege’s Outbreak event earlier this year. I wasn’t able to find a screenshot that showcased the entire machine, but I did find these helpful instructions… [Source]

In case you can’t make it out, here’s a transcription:

Insert Coin Here
If you are fixin to pour some fizzy water in your pie hole follow instructions that follow mo-fo. Insert your damn coin in the damn slot. Make your selection. Take product and drinky drinky.

Jeez, that seems a little aggressive. Finally, here’s a fun glitch where a Siege player spawns inside a soda machine. [Source]

I haven’t seen someone meld with a soda machine like this since Geist on the GameCube.