Colors is an unreleased game for the failed Gizmondo that would have tapped into the handheld’s GPS functionality to allow the player to (magically?) play in his or her real-life location. During development, it apparently shifted from a first-person shooter to a GTA-inspired third-person shooter. Soda machines appeared in both incarnations. [Source]

Sorry about the quality of the second screenshot; it’s difficult to track down clear images of unreleased games on handheld systems nobody owned. 😉 [Source]

The Unsolved

The Unsolved is a FMV adventure game for the Sega Saturn with a definite X-Files vibe. The protagonist is investigating a murder involving a victim who *squints at notes* had all her organs, er, sucked out… through, um, her rectum? Hey, at least there’s a soda machine!

Dolucky no Kusayakiu

Honestly, Dolucky no Kusayakiu for the Super Famicon feels like less a baseball game with Coca-Cola product placement than a Coca-Cola advertisement with a baseball game tacked on as an afterthought. Regardless, there’s a Coke machine featured in this scene.