Dungeon Fighter Online

This ornate Coca-Cola machine is a bit of a mystery. The sprite was ripped from Dungeon Fighter Online, but it’s unclear whether it’s an unused asset, a region-specific object, or part of a forgotten limited-time event. Can anyone shed some light on its origins?

UPDATE: Reddit user m0mentum_ confirms this soda machine originally appeared during a 2009 event in the Korean version of the game. Thanks for solving the mystery!

Metal Max

If there’s a takeaway from The Video Game Soda Machine Project, it’s that soda machines will absolutely survive the apocalypse. This screenshot from Metal Max for the NES is just further evidence of their durability.

Rainbow Six Siege

If I assigned ratings to soda machines here at The Video Game Soda Machine Project, this one from Rainbow Six Siege would easily earn a full five out of five stars.

I can’t be certain, but this second vending machine looks like it probably sold snacks and not soda. Still, it’s just too adorable not to post.

Thanks for the screenshots, ReverendTed!