Fallout 76

Fallout 76 - Wild Appalachia

Fallout 76’s Wild Appalachia update dropped today, and I noticed something interesting in the game’s new intro movie. Let’s take a closer look…

Fallout 76 Closeup

I debated whether it was some kind of miniature Nuka-Cola vending machine or simply a soda fountain, but then I saw this in the Wild Appalachia gameplay trailer…

Fallout 76 Player Vending

Player vending hasn’t gone live yet, so once this actually shows up in Fallout 76, I’ll scope it out myself and get a more definitive answer on its soda machine status. Stay tuned!

Fallout 4


Hancock poses in front of a Nuka-Cola vending machine — and a bonus milk vending machine — in Fallout 4! Unfortunately, the machine pictured above has a busted video display. You’ll need to travel to Nuka-World, the Nuka-Cola amusement park, if you want to see one in full working order.

While you’re visiting Nuka-World, you’ll want to steer clear of the Nukatrons — Nuka-Cola vending machines converted into security robots!

Finally, allow me to introduce Mr. Frothy, a vending machine repurposed into a floating, death-dealing robot! Before the war, Mr. Frothy sprayed refreshing blasts of Nuka-Cola into the faces of visitors to Nuka-World.

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Fallout 3

Sierra Petrovita, curator of the Nuka-Cola Museum in Girdershade, is the patron saint of the Video Game Soda Machine Project, and this pristine Nuka-Cola machine is her pride and joy.

Just for fun, here’s the Nuka-Cola machine’s texture map. [Source]

Click through to see Adam Adamowicz’s concept art for Fallout 3’s Nuka-Cola machine. 

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