Fallout Shelter

We’ve covered Fallout Shelter before at the Video Game Soda Machine Project, but it turns out the game’s Nuka-Cola machines come in a few additional styles.

Fallout Shelter also adorns its Nuka-Cola machines with festive hats for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fallout 4


The Nuka-Cola machines from Fallouts 1 through 3 are already archived here at the Video Game Soda Machine Project, but the Fallout 4 version is long overdue. Here’s some Nuka-Cola concept art while we’re at it!

Fallout 3


Sierra Petrovita, curator of the Nuka-Cola Museum in Girdershade, is the patron saint of the Video Game Soda Machine Project.

Meanwhile, here’s some concept art of the Nuka-Cola machine from Fallout 3 by Adam Adamowicz.