Duke Nukem 3D

A generic cola machine in Duke Nukem 3D!

The same model reappears in Gearbox Software’s upcoming Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour (in an image humorously titled red-ruckus-liter-of-cola.png on Gearbox’s website).


Here’s a better look.

Deus Ex

Anna: “Are you sure you pressed the right button?”

Gunther: “I do not make mistakes of that kind.”

Anna: “Your hand might have slipped.”

Gunther: “No. I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-lime.”

Anna: “The machine would not make a mistake…”

Gunther: “It’s the maintenance man. He knows I like orange.”

Anna: “So you think the staff has some kind of plot…”

Gunther: “Yes. They do it on purpose.”

It’s also  worth noting that Deus Ex was brilliantly marketed with its soda machines front and center in print advertisements…

Enter the Matrix

Niobe pauses in front of a Powerade machine in the GameCube version of Enter the Matrix. Hey, I wonder if consuming electrolyte-laden sports drinks in the virtual world of the Matrix causes humans to produce more energy for the machines in the real world. Thanks, @MatWBT!