Countdown Vampires

Countdown Vampires is a survival horror game for the PlayStation 1 that takes a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil—only instead of zombies, it features “vampires” who look and act exactly like zombies. This vending machine from early in the game sells both drinks and snacks.

Mario Tennis

I’ve always found it a little odd that the portable versions of Mario Tennis added story/RPG elements to the series, but hey—it opened the door for soda machines! This screenshot is from the Game Boy Color release.

Street Boyz

Street Boyz is an obscure 3D brawler for the PlayStation 2 that was released only in Japan and Europe. With a rad name like Street Boyz, you had to assume a soda machine would show up eventually.

Revolution X

We have to stop the nefarious New Order Nation from sneaking dangerous chemicals into our soda supply—and rescue Aerosmith, I suppose—in Revolution X! The screenshot above is from the arcade version. The SNES port, with its Choke Cola machine, is pictured below.

The Genesis port switches out the Choke Cola machine in favor of a generic drinks machine.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 1 version is already in the archive.

Estranged: Act II

Believe it or not, Estranged: Act II isn’t the first game in the Video Game Soda Machine Project’s collection to feature carrot soda. That dubious honor goes to Rayman Raving Rabbids (which at least had the excuse of starring hyperkinetic rabbity things).

If carrot soda isn’t your thing, you can always get refreshed with this beverage machine from an earlier version of Estranged: Act II.

Thanks, Cornelius!


Check out this soda machine from Fanbots, a point-and-click adventure game about a group of robots who take control of a production studio in an attempt to revive their favorite television show. Thanks, Troels!