Look, if you expect me to socialize with a bunch of total strangers in VRChat, your virtual world better have at least a couple dozen soda machines to keep me entertained.

I wonder how a person (and a rolled up beach towel?) ended up getting trapped in this next soda machine…

This Esven Up vending machine from VRChat features a terrific lineup of ersatz soda brands…

I seem to have fallen through a dimensional rift, slipping from the secure confines of VRChat to the boundless uncertainty of PepsiSpace.

Hey, what’s Dr. Breen’s Private Reserve from Half-Life 2 doing here? Speaking of which, VRChat also borrows the soda machine seen in Left 4 Dead and The Stanley Parable.

You might recognize this next pair of soda machines from Final Fantasy 13.

The verdict is in, and I find VRChat guilty of Grand Theft Soda Machine thanks to these “homages” to GTA.

The only worse idea than borrowing 3D models from Valve and Rockstar is lifting soda machines from Nintendo

Finally, here’s a photo of a Coca-Cola machine hanging on the wall of a VRChat gallery.

Ceci n’est pas une video game soda machine. Thanks for tracking all these down, Cornelius!