APB Reloaded

This is an all-points bulletin. Be on the lookout for cola machine, approximately six feet tall, dispenses regular and diet drinks. Repeat: suspect dispenses regular and diet drinks. Thanks for the screenshot, Ernie!

Pato Box

Pato Box is a stylish adventure/fighting game inspired by Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! series. If you ask me, though, they missed a real opportunity here to reference Soda Popinski on the vending machine. [Source]



Why go to the vending machine when the vending machine can come to you? Mr. Vendroid is a walking, talking vending machine that dispenses lemonade and other consumables to Grav players. Thanks for the screenshot, Aylad!

Caligula Overdose

Caligula Overdose, a JRPG for the PlayStation 4, takes place in a virtual world that provides an escape from everyday life in the form of an “idyllic” high school setting. That’s not how I remember high school, but hey—at least there’s a soda machine. Thanks, Tikhon!

Minimalist Art Club

Minimalist Art Club bills itself as “a short game about joining a club, finding soda, determining rank by hat size, and proper fish tank maintenance.” Well, I’m certainly down for the “finding soda” part.

Thanks for the screenshots, Cornelius!

Cold Winter

Cold Winter for the PlayStation 2 is kinda like Alpha Protocol, only with all the interesting RPG elements stripped away. Cold Winter ultimately edges out Alpha Protocol, though, thanks to this trio of Zaf Lite drink machines.

BloodRayne 2

Our protagonist isn’t thirsty after draining a bunch of henchmen dry in BloodRayne 2, but she’s at least willing to pose dramatically in front of these vending machines.

Secret Service: In Harm’s Way

You know a game like Secret Service: In Harm’s Way is going to be good when its default installation directory is named “Activision Value.” But, hey — at least they had room in the budget for multiple soda machine designs!

There are coffee machines in the game, too — although the artist didn’t exactly nail the spelling on “coffee.”

Please note the absence of any kind of dispensing tray on all three models. Activision Value indeed.