V.I.P. for the PlayStation 2 (based on the Pamela Anderson television series of the same name) combines on-rails shooting with quick time event combat in a way that almost works. That said, Marquee Premium Cool is an above-average fictional soda name.


If Headhunter for the PS2 has taught me anything, it’s that nothing washes away the pain of a brutally unforgiving stealth shooter like an ice-cold Sunny. I have no idea why the vending machine is only four feet tall.

Just for fun, here’s an advertisement for Must Power Drink that appear on Headhunter’s loading screens.


Just playing some LawBreakers before it goes offline in a couple of months. If you can’t get enough of that tea-infused cola taste, there’s another Chabi Cola machine in the archives.

I also stumbled across this, uh, let’s call it a “beverage station” while playing. It definitely offers soda and has a dispensing tray, so I’m going to say it’s sci-fi soda machine adjacent.

Persona 3 FES

After a long day of classes, what better way to spend your time in Persona 3 FES than roaming the hallways of Gekkou High in search of soda machines? You can compare these vending machines to their counterparts in Persona 3 Portable here.

Persona 4 Golden

Thank you, sir; I get that a lot. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to take a closer look at those soda machines behind you.

Thanks, Tikhon, for tracking down these other soda machines scattered throughout Persona 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita.

Persona 4

This is the first entry of its kind for the Video Game Soda Machine Project: a pair of soda machines from Persona 4’s “Lucky Me!” PlayStation trophy image. The trophy is unlocked when one of the game’s vending machines dispenses a free drink at random.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

I tried to come up with a decent coffee filter/Syphon Filter joke to accompany these vending machines from Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain for the PS2, but I came up empty. I guess you’ll just have to settle for the screenshot.

Here’s another vending machine from later in the game, but it’s a little difficult to tell whether it’s selling soda or cigarettes.