Lobotomy Corporation

This Wellcheers Ocean Soda machine appears in Lobotomy Corporation, a Korean monster management sim. I have no idea why those prawns are cosplaying as Minions.

Flavor text for the Wellcheers machine warns,”If someone offers you an opened can of grape-flavored soda, you must reject it.” According to the wiki, it’s a reference to “a Korean internet urban myth where people will allegedly go missing after drinking from a sleeping pill-laced opened can of Welch’s Grape Juice. They will then be abducted and held captive in fishing boats.” [Source]

Brazilian Root

This soda machine appears in Brazilian Root, an indie FPS for Windows with a Taken-inspired plot. I turned to Twitter for a translation of the Portuguese text on the machine, and the consensus seems to indicate that it says “Mama Soda: Drink with gusto and be very happy!” [Source]


As a self-trained expert in video game soda machine law, I’d say they need to increase the blur effect on that logo by approximately 30% to square away this crypto-Coke machine in anime RPG Closers. [Source]


Capsa is an open-world social game in the vein of Second Life — and what better place to socialize than around the old Cola Cola machine? Thanks for the submission, Cornelius!

You might recognize this soda machine from other games like Estranged: Act II, Emily Wants to Play Too, Project Lambda, and SCUM. People have asked in the past how I handle these stock assets — or, for that matter, recycled assets like the Nuka-Cola machine from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Generally speaking, I add them to the site for archival purposes, but I don’t count them toward the collection’s “grand total” after their first appearance. Just a peek behind the curtain…

Stickman Tuber Tycoon

Want to be a successful YouTuber like lonelygirl15, Tay Zonday, or those girls who lip-synced to “Hey” by the Pixies that one time? Just lock yourself in an isolated shack with a PC, a webcam, and a vending machine stocked with snacks and sodas, and you’re off to the races!