007 GoldenEye

You might say I have a “golden eye” when it comes to finding video game soda machines. You know, like this one. From GoldenEye 007. The 2010 version for the Wii? C’mon, work with me here, folks.

Meanwhile, I’m left with two questions: who tipped over the soda machine at MI6 headquarters, and why does the tutorial level render its soda machines in grayscale?

You can check out a full-color version of the VCE energy drink machine in the archives.

Haunted Hotel

I’ve seen Haunted Hotel, one of the games collected in The First Skunk Bundle, described as the worst game ever released for the Wii U. How bad can it be if it has a soda machine, though?

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

🎵 S-U-G-A-R, jump into your racing car. It’s a sugar rush! Sugar rush! 🎵

Along with a bunch of sugary snacks, this vending machine from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode includes a few bottles of soda on the bottom row. Here’s a version of the same machine without the Sugar Rush branding…

While we’re on the subject of soda, Wreck-It Ralph‘s Vanellope von Schweetz glitches into battle with a back-mounted Soda Soaker as a weapon.

Thanks for the tip, Bully and Pablo!

Postal 2

I assume this Ballz vending machine from Postal 2 is a riff on BAWLS Guarana, frequently marketed as the drink of choice for video gamers. Or it could just be a lazy joke that stands (or falls) entirely on its own.


I’m struggling to decide between between a frosty Kitten Cola and a jug of coolant in Reprise, an “audio-reactive FPS” in which players fight bad guys by creating music. Thanks for another great submission, Cornelius!


This drink machine from NightShift has an image of a wine glass on the front panel, but that seems unlikely considering the game’s office setting. I’m just going to assume it’s a very fancy soda machine. Thanks for the screenshot, Cornelius!

APB Reloaded

This is an all-points bulletin. Be on the lookout for cola machine, approximately six feet tall, dispenses regular and diet drinks. Repeat: suspect dispenses regular and diet drinks. Thanks for the screenshot, Ernie!

Pato Box

Pato Box is a stylish adventure/fighting game inspired by Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! series. If you ask me, though, they missed a real opportunity here to reference Soda Popinski on the vending machine. [Source]