I believe Brolarity, a game about a brobot protecting his high school from the forces of evil, has set a new record for the most exclamation points on a video game soda machine. *polite clapping*

Thanks for the tip on this one, Cornelius.

Cut & Run

The entire goal of Cut & Run is to slice up as many environmental objects with your sword as possible before time runs out, but I just can’t find it in my heart to harm these innocent drink machines.


I find something about this soda machine from LACURA, a first-person narrative adventure, vaguely off-putting. Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Cornelius!

The Hand of Glory

Pawn your weird scarf and use the money to buy a soda in The Hand of Glory, an upcoming detective adventure inspired by games like Gabriel Knight and Broken Sword.

I wonder what kind of soda it dispenses…

Yeah, maybe that scarf isn’t so bad after all. Thanks for tracking this one down, Cornelius!

Smombie GO

These ersatz Coke machines appear in Smombie GO, a game that challenges players to “explore town, find and eliminate all portals which generate Smombies unlimitedly.” It’s the Smobie apocalypse!

Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Cornelius!

Lobotomy Corporation

This Wellcheers Ocean Soda machine appears in Lobotomy Corporation, a Korean monster management sim. I have no idea why those prawns are cosplaying as Minions.

Flavor text for the Wellcheers machine warns,”If someone offers you an opened can of grape-flavored soda, you must reject it.” According to the wiki, it’s a reference to “a Korean internet urban myth where people will allegedly go missing after drinking from a sleeping pill-laced opened can of Welch’s Grape Juice. They will then be abducted and held captive in fishing boats.” [Source]

Brazilian Root

This soda machine appears in Brazilian Root, an indie FPS for Windows with a Taken-inspired plot. I turned to Twitter for a translation of the Portuguese text on the machine, and the consensus seems to indicate that it says “Mama Soda: Drink with gusto and be very happy!” [Source]


As a self-trained expert in video game soda machine law, I’d say they need to increase the blur effect on that logo by approximately 30% to square away this crypto-Coke machine in anime RPG Closers. [Source]