SimCity 4

I’m not sure if this building from SimCity 4 is a motel or a café, but I’m certain that’s a white vending machine standing in front of it.

I’m also pretty sure that’s a soda machine beside the door of the white building in the screenshot below.


Megaquarium brings the theme park management mechanics we all know and love to the aquarium business — complete with soda machines to keep the visitors refreshed. Thanks for the tip, Cornelius!

Antenna Dilemma

Tragically, all the soda has already been purchased from this vending machine in Antenna Dilemma, an adventure game about a robot trying to repair a television antenna so he can watch his favorite show. Here’s the scene in full color…

Thanks for the screenshots, Cornelius!

Primal Carnage: Extinction

This vending machine is from human vs. dinosaur shooter Primal Carnage Extinction. Increase your vigor to defeat the terrible lizards!

This next one looks a little more like a snack machine, but there’s “Phoenix Food & Drink” branding on the side and cans of soda on the nearby table, so I’m rolling with it!

Poor dino looks like he fell asleep guarding the vending machine. That’s some outstanding environmental storytelling. Thanks for the screenshots, Cornelius!


This vending machine from freaky deaky horror adventure Paratopic offers a wide selection of drinks, including 12-Hour Spitfire, Beez-Lee-Bub, and Auntie Em’s Old Remedy.

Rainbow Six Siege

Grab a soda from this vending machine, escape the hospital nursery, and proceed to the helipad in Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks for helping me track this one down, Hakunamarups! [Source]

This next soda machine appeared during Siege’s Outbreak event earlier this year. I wasn’t able to find a screenshot that showcased the entire machine, but I did find these helpful instructions… [Source]

In case you can’t make it out, here’s a transcription:

Insert Coin Here
If you are fixin to pour some fizzy water in your pie hole follow instructions that follow mo-fo. Insert your damn coin in the damn slot. Make your selection. Take product and drinky drinky.

Jeez, that seems a little aggressive. Finally, here’s a fun glitch where a Siege player spawns inside a soda machine. [Source]

I haven’t seen someone meld with a soda machine like this since Geist on the GameCube.